Andreas Oliver Hansen

A designer with a passion for creating digital content & UX

Check out the cool projects I do as a Multimedia Designer

These are the different assignments I’ve completed while studying as a Multimedia Designer.
The projects are ordered by oldest to newest and more projects will be added as they are completed.

Film projects.

I’ve worked as a producer, director, photographer and sound engineer on different film projects. Among these is a short film portrait that became the most viewed video on my schools facebook site and a short film I produced which got support by Aarhus Filmværksted and had film equipment for 15.000$.

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La Cour – A portrait film

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Backstage – A short film project.


Fimbulvinter – A short film thriller.

Hello world!

I’m Andreas

Hi! My name is Andreas and I’m currently studying as a Multimedia Designer at Copenhagen Business Academy Lyngby.

Work experience

I’ve worked professionally as a customer advisor in a bank & child care worker in a kindergarten.


I love video games & film and I hope to one day have the chance to work in these industries.

Spare-time projects

I love learning new skills and I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself.
Learning Unity, writing fiction and Adobe XD are just a few examples.


Getting feedback for my work is important to me.

This is what some of the people I’ve worked for had to say.

“Opgaverne er blevet udført med engagement og effektivt. Vi kender Andreas Oliver Hansen som en positiv og dygtig person, som vi kun kan give vores varmeste anbefalinger.”

Majbrit Elisa Hansen
HR-chef @ Coop bank A/S

Andreas’ engagement for filmproduktion er stort, hans gåpåmod er vedholdende og så er han pligtopfyldende. Dertil har han udvist lovende talent  i arbejdet med at dirigere og arrangere. Og mest nævneværdigt påtog Andreas sig det store ansvar at lede vores mest ambitiøse filmprojekt, kortfilmen “Backstage”, som producer.

Johannes Guttorm Thomsen
Actor & Director

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