Concept Visualization ”Restaurant Hof”​

Concept Visualization "Restaurant Hof"

We had to work with service economists to create and visualize their vision of a restaurant startup that they wanted to launch.

The first thing we had to do was read through the pitch that the different teams of economists had created and then choose which restaurant that we wanted to work with.

We chose the restaurant HOF(High on Food) that had the concept of serving food high up in the skyline of Copenhagen. The task was not to create a fully-fledged website but on the contrary, to create menus, videos, trailers and more for the restaurant and then maybe a mockup for the website with some color combinations that would fit their brand. The most important task for this assignment was simply to work with the concept developers to realize their vision about their restaurant.

  • Multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Developing products from customer specifications
  • Presenting products for customers
  • Complex digital product production
  • Development of consistent material for use on different media platforms
  • Production of material for both print & digital distribution
  • Production of web videos
  • Production of HTML 5 banner commercials

Assignment report (danish)