Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Each group were assigned a company that we had to research and figure out a product that both fit their vision and brand but would also help the company reach new customers. 

We had to essentially help rebrand the company and we did this with the Design Thinking method.

After figuring out our best ideas we had to present them infront of a group of investors(teachers) in the style of ‘Dragons Den’ and from that feedback we had to improve our product and start advertising and creating product campaign material.

My group got Hoptimist as a company and we decided to create the ‘kreakasse’ which is a box full of creative & educative toys. It was meant as an alternative to the tablet solution many take, when looking after children.

With this creative box we were able to keep it in the Hoptimist spirit while also reaching a new demographic of customers.

  • Design Thinking process
  • Creating sustainable & communicable concepts
  • Theoretical knowledge about concept development
  • Practical skills handling innovative & coherent design procedures

Assignment report(danish)