Portfolio ”Exam”

Portfolio ”Exam”

The portfolio assignment was split up in three parts.

The first part was one of the first assignments we had and the focus was at that point just to learn how to use Adobe Xd and to learn a few design principles such as user-friendliness.

The second part was after we had had more education in design, colors and rules. The focus was also to build the site using HTML & CSS which I didn’t have much knowledge of, let alone experience. 

The third and last part of building our portfolio was to create it with all the knowledge and skills we had gathered throughout the first semester.

I researched and found inspiration in many other portfolios online and tried to recreate the elements I liked the most.

I wanted my site to have a unique element, something other sites didn’t have, and I felt like I achieved that on my Projects page.

Unnecessary pages was something I wanted to avoid, which led to my front page being a “Home”, “About” and “contact” page all in one.

I spent alot of time using prior feedback while creating this site, which I felt was very useful and helped me create a much better site than I could ever have done without having created all these prior portfolios.

I decided not to use this portfolio anymore since it was created using only HTML & CSS, which proved to be very time consuming to keep up to date.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Copyright
  • Prototyping
  • Design Theory
  • Techinal knowledge about the internet
  • Basic HTML5 & CSS3
  • Knowledge about IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Optimization of pictures & graphic for web

Earliest version of my portfolio

Second version of my portfolio

Final exam version of my portfolio

Github of my exam portfolio

Exam description (danish)

Exam report (danish)