Småpoter “Exam”

Småpoter "Exam"

This was my second semester exam and also a group exam.

Our job was to make a website where we talked about a project that we had a lot of information about. We were two people in my group and since we’d just gotten a puppy we decided to put all the information that you search for on one website. We had to teach people something about this project which is why we chose to make the quiz and most importantly the training videos.

When you are getting a puppy you search high and low for all kind of information and all of it is very important even though it’s not all directly related to each other. It was meant to be a kind of book, where you can search for one thing and then also get other information you otherwise might not have thought of as important to know.

  • Plan & assess project management in team based digital media productions
  • Identify relevant theories, methods & tools to complete complex digital mediaproductions
  • Dedicate new knowledge & skills within programming & configuration of complex user-centered interface

Exam report(danish)