The Holiday App

The Holiday App

For this project I was to create an app, for my first time ever, with the help of Adobe Xd, Illustrator and PhotoShop, which proved to be a fun challenge since I had a very limited knowledge of the software.

I chose to design a weather app with focus on holiday go’ers & travelling journalists, who wanted more knowledge about the place they were going like advice, facts, fun and so on.

Throughout the project I had to test and improve my abilities in creating personas, logos and a whole bunch of icons – all of them to fit in a mobile design.

Later on, I had the chance to go back and redesign my app and use what I’ve learned in the mean time.

My focus was to improve the areas that the teachers had given me most feedback on. I started by removing the white ‘prototype’ background I had at the time.

I then worked hard on improving the navigation of the app and did my best in making the icons more understandable.

I created a scroll function and changed colors a few places to make the app more consistent in its look. 

  • Basic skills with vector graphic
  • Graphic and icons for digital interfaces
  • Colors and color systems
  • User-testing
  • Design principals for the layout of digital interfaces
  • Data collection
  • Typography