WordPress & SEO

WordPress & SEO

We had to work in groups again and were assigned a startup student company. The startup company had wishes and needs and we had to make sure their site was build and designed after those.

Our startup already had a logo and a few colors that they wanted us to use. They had also created a few mockups for us to help see a bit of their vision.

It was our task to create a website that fulfilled their wants and needs and in the end they ended up being satisfied enough to use our version instead of the other group of student with the exact same task.

  • Installation, administration & adaptation of a CMS (WordPress)
  • Knowledge of dynamic websites & serverside technologies
  • SEO
  • Structuring & categorising of content & information architecture
  • Teamwork
  • Projectmanagement

http://mozel.org/noddeskal/ (Our finished product)